//007 Dr Lily Fraser, GP specialising in low carb hig/healthy fat nutrition

March 5, 2019

Dr Lily Fraser is a GP with a special interest in low carb high/healthy fat nutrition. With a 15 year medical career she has seen the effects of chronic illness and, on the flip side, the positive effects that a lifestyle change can have on individuals. She wants to show that low carb is a normal way of eating. You could even say, a traditional way of eating. 

In this episode we speak with the Turuki Healthcare Clinical Director about her Kai Tahu whakapapa and, being a Māori female in the medical industry. We learn about the low carb lifestyle and its effects on health and wellbeing and, we talk about healthy lifestyle options to help whānau realise we don’t have to be resigned to a life of metabolic disease.

I really want people to learn the power of kai. This is indigenous knowledge, it isn’t anything fancy, our tīpuna did this naturally.

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