//019 Damaris Coulter, hospitality Queen + digital entrepreneur

June 11, 2019

Damaris Coulter (Ngāti Kahu) started her hospitality journey as a child, working at her uncle’s restaurant in Kaitaia. She grew up around hospo and spent her early adult life learning from some of the best chefs and restauranteurs in the business, both here, and in Italy and the UK. 

When she returned to Aotearoa, she opened Coco’s Cantina with her sister, and ran the restaurant for almost 10 years before signing over her share to pursue a world-changing idea. 

Her new project, The Realness, shines a light on small business. A space to highlight independent, owner-operated, artisan food spaces. 

In this episode Damaris talks to us about her passion for hospitality and how she believes we can flip the economy by supporting small, and local.

Sidenote, there’s a few F-bombs dropped through this podcast, Damaris is a passionate speaker, so if swearing hurts your ears, this one might not be for you. 

I am fully employed by my ancestors and I am being led and driven by them.

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