//034 Dr Diana Kopua, psychiatrist + co-founder of Mahi a Atua

August 25, 2020

Dr Diana Kopua (Ngāti Porou) is a psychiatrist that is changing the system by preferencing Indigenous approaches to orangatanga. 

As the developer of Mahi a Atua, she uses Māori creation stories and pūrākau to transform mental health frameworks, providing an affirmation of our amazing genealogy and validation for our resilience. 

Dr Di is teaching communities of practice an alternative to the Western model, using a culturally sensitive new therapy to address mental distress and suffering amongst Māori. 

In this episode we talk about her upbringing, her career journey, and how her approach to health is smashing white supremacy. 

Wouldn’t it be cool that we realise that we are the storytellers, and [our] story as an ancestor matters. Even at that most fractured part of my life becomes this story of greatness, in generations to come, like Uru’s disconnections, like Whiro’s loud booming voice. They all matter.

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