//048 Ema Tavola, artist-curator

November 8, 2020

Ema (Dravuni – Fiji, Pākehā) is an artist-curator which she says mostly involved her being an arts manager, advocate and hype woman of Moana Oceania arts and culture. 

She is the Director of Vunilagi Vou, an independent exhibitions gallery and consultancy in South Auckland. She is also a māmā to her daughter, Lanuola. 

Born in Fiji and raised in the UK and Europe as an ambassador’s daughter, she has lived through a civilian coup back in her homeland before finding a second kāinga and settling in Aotearoa as a teen.

In this episode we talk about Moana Oceania arts and its importance to Aotearoa, we discuss her career and how her role as a mother has shaped her and her values in this creative space and, Ema speaks openly about miscarriage and baby loss, reminding wāhine with similar experiences, that we are not alone. 

I will always back Indigenous women who have taken their sense of service in the political direction. It’s important to me to see Indigenous women at those levels. 

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