//050 Linda Aumua, teacher + advocate for educational equity

November 16, 2020

Today we celebrate the halfway mark of the NUKU 100 with a very special NUKU //050. Linda Aumua (Fijian) is a passionate advocate for educational equity for Pacific people’s in Aotearoa. She is also the māmā of our videographer, Taylor. 

Linda has worked in community development and as a teacher, director and senior policy analyst, transforming lives through access and success in education from preschool to tertiary both here and in Fiji. 

In this episode we talk about the power of education, Linda’s experiences working across the Pacific, Indigenous female leadership and, we talk about motherhood, from the lessons her own mother taught her, to the ones she is imparting on her own children. 

When you see inequities in education, often it’s not always the institution – actually it’s the policy that has the greatest impact on that institution and so it’s the key to changing the inequities in order for those institutions to respond to it. 

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