//076 Dr Karlo Mila, poet + Mana Moana leadership programme creator

July 6, 2021


Karlo Mila (Kolofo’ou, Ofu (Tonga), Pālangi, ancient connections to Savai’i and Pago Pago (Sāmoa)) ⁠ is a renowned poet. She is also the programme director, founder and creator of the Mana Moana leadership programme. 

Her work explores knowledge, language, and core concepts indigenous to the Moana. 

In this episode she shares about her creative life, her māmā life, and the similarities that we, the people of Te Moana nui a kiwa, all share. 

We also talk briefly about suicide. So take care when listening.


I have very little interest in the proper side of poetry, what drew me in was that there are no rules.

Karlo Mila, NUKU, Qiane Matata-Sipu

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