//082 Phylesha Brown-Acton, executive director + Pasifika whānau ora leader

August 24, 2021

NUKU 082 is Phylesha Brown-Acton (Fineone Hakupu, Atua (Niue).

Phylesha serves Pasifika Rainbow, LGBTQIA+, MVPFAFF+ peoples and their families. She is the Executive Director of F’INE Pasifika Aotearoa, co-founded with Mama Tere Tahere-Strickland. 

F’INE is part of the Pasifika Whānau Ora Collective and Phylesha’s primary role is to challenge rhetoric and oppressive systems that minimise or have invisibilised her community.

In this episode we talk about Phylesha’s upbringing, we discuss the topic of gender, and she shares the importance of Indigenous terminology when it comes to her community.

When you talk about LGBTQIA+, you’re excluding those of us who carry and connect to Indigenous terms that reference us in our culture and languages.

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