Opportunity International says women are one of the most powerful investments we can make in building a better future. Every investment sparks a ripple effect that influences not only her life, but the lives of her family and community, too.

NUKU relies on grants, koha, sponsorship and merchandise sales. We have ambitious goals. Our community has grown exponentially since the Jan 2019 event that officially launched the NUKU movement and the first 10 profiles. This 2020 we will complete our series of 100 kickass Indigenous wahine, publish the NUKU book and, will host 2 wānanga in the North and South Islands.

We want to get into the regions, we want to support young kohine, we want to champion Indigenous systems return and, foster an Indigenous eco-system for social change in Aotearoa.

If you would like to support NUKU through a personal koha, or through purchasing merchandise, please visit our shop (100% of profits go directly to the NUKU kaupapa).

If you would like to make a larger grant/sponsorship/donation please see details below.


NUKU transforms thinking, transfers knowledge across generations and uncovers layers to cultural identity. It serves to connect, collaborate, guide, entertain and inspire. Harnessing digital mediums allows a fast and powerful effect.

We know societies with greater gender equality, and empowered Indigenous women, show gains in poverty reduction, environmental sustainability, consumer choice, innovation, and decision making on a wider set of issues.

We also know that young women aspire to be what they see, and the NUKU Movement can have a powerful effect in supporting disadvantaged and excluded kōhine across Aotearoa and the world.

By supporting us, you join philanthropic and regional organisations, private business and individuals across the country, in supporting Indigenous female change-makers in Aotearoa.

For an info kit please contact Qiane Matata-Sipu