NUKU is a non-profit creative and social impact storytelling project led by, made by and made for, Indigenous women – mā hine, mō hine, kia hine! 

In this age of digital disruption, it uses an audio-visual, multi-media platform as a modern day expression of the ancient tool of storytelling. 
We rely on grants, koha, sponsorship, and merchandise sales to cover the cost of creating each profile in full. 
To date we have had some amazing sponsorship and, some phenomenal volunteers to help make phase one and the first 10 profiles of this project, a reality.  We need further financial support to create the full 100 profiles in the series. 
If you are interested in supporting NUKU and sponsoring one or more profiles, please contact Qiane Matata-Sipu direct.

Phase one of NUKU has been made possible by the support of: