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The Tupuārangi star in the Matariki cluster is associated to everything that grows in the trees; including our native wildlife. Tupuārangi encourages us to take action to help to bring our forests back to life again. Nikau Hindin uses plants and natural pigments in her mahi toi (art), she features in one of our nine-part Matariki series, made for Māori Television, in celebration and acknowledgement of the Matariki season.

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Māhuru Māori

Donna Kerridge is a tohunga of rongoā Māori, although she doesn’t describe herself as that. The humble practitioner, tutor and advocate is passionate about Indigenous practices that focus on healing and restoring our people and, our whenua. Over the years she has come to believe that our reo, like rongoa, is best practiced together in groups, where everyone can share their collective knowledge. She features in one of our five-part reo series made for Māori Television.

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NUKU atu - social media lives

Live on social media we pour a drink, rug up on the couch, and interview kickass Indigenous wāhine in our 'lockdown' series. This episode with the amazing Moerangi Tetapuhi.

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